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Lumicopter is a cost-effective & reliable indoor drone inspection solution designed to fly safely in spaces that are too dangerous or difficult to reach.

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Safety - Time - Cost

Turn a 2-week job into a 2-hour job.

Conventional methods of storage/vessel tank inspection require a significant amount of money and time. Most of which are contributed by logistics & equipment planning, manpower and safety training.

With the advancement of drone inspection, confined space inspection can be done in a faster, safer, and more cost-efficient method.


We design a reliable, cost-effective, collision-resistant indoor inspection drone equipped with RGB camera that can record crystal clear video up to 4K 60 fps.

The shell (made from Carbon Fiber and Nylon) is circular in shape, enabling the drone to roll around tight corners and prevent being trapped. 

9.5 mins of Flight Time 


The collision-resistant design of the protective cage consist of impact absorbing nylon and carbon fiber for strength.


This combination allows excess energy to be absorbed and safely dissipated by the cage.

Redefining Indoor Flight

Ocusync 3 Transmission

Signal Penetration: Up to three floors in a concrete stairwell (no line of sight)


4K 60fps

4000 Lumens

Industrial Inspection in Enclosed Areas

Superior Flight Stability

Our product brings a new perspective to indoor mapping and visual inspection, which can be used in various fields such as oil & gas, construction, real estate, and retail etc.

Crystal Clear Video Quality

Lumicopter is a reliable, cost-effective, collision-resistant indoor inspection drone. It is designed to allow professionals to easily inspect the interior of buildings, ships, and other confined spaces.

Downward vision sensor for altitude position hold, better flying stability.

108° wide field of view, reducing drone maneuver during the inspection.

DJI Ocusync Transmission Technology (35ms of lag), excellent for enclosed/hazardous space inspection

Forward Distance Sensor for obstacle avoidance Auto Stops, if the pilot is not aware of the obstacle

Use Case Scenarios

Ceiling Inspection

Drainage inspection

Viaduct structural inspection

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