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About Us


Lumicopter is a team of young engineers who are passionate about making industrial inspection safer and more efficient. 

We want to use our expertise in drones and robotics to design reliable, cost-effective, collision-resistant indoor inspection drones for industrial use

Singapore Drone CAAS.jpg

More than 6 years of experience in Confined-Space Inspection

We have been providing Confined Space Inspection since 2017, our pilots are professional, engineering-centric and experienced with multiple projects under their belt.

Over the years, we faced many challenges doing indoor inspections. As drone technology advances, we saw an opportunity that can solve most of our indoor inspection problems.


We did some R&D work and created the Lumicopter with the goal of helping other businesses improve their inspection efficiency at a fraction of the current market cost.


We truly believe that drone technology will revolutionize how we get things done, improving safety, accuracy, and efficiency.


We hope by lowering down the cost of entry, more companies will adopt drone technology in their business operations.

We are passionate about solving problems that improve quality and efficiency in industrial applications.

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