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Indoor inspection and LED design

To get the best out indoor confined space flight, good lighting is critical. We design the Lumicopter to have a well dispersed light with no shadows created by the cage. It also covers the full range of the camera such that the complete frame is well illuminated even when the camera tilts up.

In this example, we flew the Lumicopter into a underground abandoned bunker and it is only lid up by Lumicopter LEDs.

This is a wall with black paint. Lumicopter was about 0.7m away.

This white wall is about 2m away from Lumicopter.

Lumicopter has 4 LEDs each angled to spread light evenly around all images and also avoid shadows caused by the cage.

In our next blog post we will share how evenly lit images can help in 3D mapping indoors. Stay tuned.

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